LEAFIX – The Laryngeal Endo-Tracheal Airway Fixator

Leafix (Laryngeal Endo-Tracheal Airway Fixator) is manufactured in the UK and is designed to standardise the practice of airway securement in Anaesthesia, leading to reduced infection and injury risks.

  • Fast, safe, airway securement

  • Provides reliable, consistent securement not random results

  • Gentle on the skin

  • Reduces WastageSingle patient use – no cross-infection risks

The Problem

Historically, securing airways in theatres has been a grey area. Most professionals will use tape to secure the airway, however, as this is not designed for the purpose, it leads to several problems and no standardised method of securing airways. The multi-purpose tape is a cross-infection risk – it is used for many different needs and often picks up a lot of bacteria and pathogens during the typical lifespan and not suitable for Operating Theatres where the highest level of infection control is needed. Additionally, tape is not specifically designed to stick to the skin for any length of time and can cause injury when applying and removing. The image above shows a typical Anaesthetic trolley containing several pieces of equipment such as LMA, Laryngoscope, Syringe etc; the only reusable item is a roll of tape used to secure the airway!

Background & Research

Leafix was developed by two healthcare professionals working in Theatres. They realised that using tape for this purpose was problematic for many reasons. However, when they went looking for solutions that would resolve the problem they found nothing that would work within an acceptable price range. At this point, they began working on their own solution. Davies et al found in 2014 that, due to increased resistance to inadvertent extubation forces via a maximised adhesive surface area, the most secure method of fixing the airway was to tape to the mandible and the maxilla. This was taken into account during the design process of Leafix and found to be accurate – securing the airway device to both the maxillary and mandibular borders is superior to all other taping methods. Therefore, the Leafix has been designed in a way to facilitate this practice and standardise the best possible method of fixing the airway.

The Solution

Leafix is specifically designed with airway securement in mind. It is single patient-use, reduces waste and has a specially formulated gentle adhesive for maximum patient comfort and reduced risk of injury. Leafix simplifies the airway securement process and reduces the risk of errors and even airway dislodgement. Use of general purpose rolls of tape to secure cannula’s, nasogastric tubes or to protect patients eyes during Anaesthesia is declining in favour of dedicated products fit for purpose. The Leafix goal is to eradicate the use of tape for airway securement.

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