The LEAFIX Training Portal

This portal aims to provide informative videos on securing various airway devices with LEAFIX. You can select the type of airway product you would like to learn about from the below list. When selected, some options will present a second set of options to show different techniques of securement using Leafix. You will also see our suggested methods for when the patient is in the prone and lateral positions, plus a video on our recommendations for using Leafix on beards.

Leafix – Essential Best Practices

Leafix for Beards

Leafix Key training points

  • When applying Leafix make sure the skin is dry. The product will cope with sweat and fluids as long as it is put on dry skin
  • Place the Y shape anchor point first and close to the side of the mouth, so you do not have to stretch the material.
  • Make sure the Leafix does not have creases or gaps particularly if the patient is Prone, this will prevent fluid or saliva getting under and affecting the adhesive.

What type of airway device are you using for this surgery?